We are driven by the belief that we must create the change we want to see. We are inspired by effective social impact and we believe that together we can change the world. Our mission is simple, create powerful emotional stories that spur positive social transformation.


the art we create


Feature Documentaries

Long format films created to spur social justice. Our passions and films focus on economic justice, ending the cycle of poverty, health, education and environmental justice.

Short Films

Short documentaries that focus on individuals who have experienced incrededible and compelling change

Brand films that take an indirect/ story based approach to capturing the essence of an organization.

Installation and Online Creative

Besides film we develop art installations, pilot prototypes, design sprints, create-a-thons, place based installations, community engagement workshops, VR films, photography and online experiences that are engineered to further the movements we are most passionate about.

What We Do Best


Designing For Impact

Effective impact is created by thinking about distribution from the inception of the project.


Radical Listening/ Ethnography

We believe that imagination and creativity come from insights derived through listening without intent or judgement. 


Whole Picture Filmmaking

We are embedded in our subjects and collaborators world and the end result is a genuine, authentic, creative and collaborative story that usually turns into lasting friendships. 


Creative Direction

Real art is tough to create. Strategy and respecting the artistic process are essential. Developing an authentic story requires a strong sense of focus and care during the pre-production process. We see the value in tinkering, experimenting and pushing boundaries. We do it passionately and collaboratively.

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There is no such thing as too much questioning.

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We are artists at heart. We love and excel at the mechanical and technical aspects of great aesthetics, beautiful moving picture, lighting, composition, creating flow from the content we capture, the sound we use to envelope audiences, the pacing of the edit and the music to embellish mood and feeling.




Creative Director / Founder

Ken is an Emmy nominated filmmaker and creative director on a mission to create positive social transformation. Ken is passionately curious, a talent that has led him to the powerful truths of organizations working to solve climate, education, poverty & human rights issues around the world. His aptitude for art and design have enabled him to package these truths into beautiful and engaging films that people want to share. Ken is a graduate of Georgetown University and Oxford and is the founder of Truth Be Told and co-founder of The Economic Justice Project. He loves woodworking, building and cycling. He is an award winning filmmaker with films being shown on the international festival circuit and TV like PBS, VICE, History Channel and ABC Nightline. 



Producer / Story Developer

Cara is a multiple Emmy Award winning reporter and producer with vast experience in using video to tell compelling, inspiring human-interest stories. She has more than a decade of experience in broadcast journalism and has reported for network affiliates in Southwest Florida, Boston and the San Francisco Bay Area. Cara started telling inspiring stories as a way to balance out the tragedy-focused ones she was assigned in the news industry. The perspective and personal transformation she experienced while creating those stories inspired her to start Storytellers forGood in 2009. She has since been creating short films that move and inspire as well as raise awareness and support for world-changing people and organizations. 




Fay Darmawi is a film festival producer, community development banker, and urban planner interested using all forms of media to create lasting social change. She is the Founder and Executive Producer of the SF Urban Film Fest, a film festival focused on civic engagement inspired by great storytelling. Fay is a recipient of a 2016 YBCA Fellowship. Her 20-years of experience as a leader in affordable housing finance, including managing the low income housing tax credit platform, as well as 5-years of screenwriting training, informs her media-related work. She has a masters degree in city planning from MIT, a certificate in screenwriting from UCLA Extension, and was part of the 2010 screenwriter co-hort of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley.



Digital Impact Advisor/ Movement Builder

Josh is an experienced content producer with expertise in engineering content for impact. Previously Josh was Director of Content for NextGen Climate Change and headed an effort to build momentum for the Climate Change movement. Josh is an expert at producing powerful and moving stories and thinks holistically to engineer nonprofit and social impact brands. He was also Director of Digital for the Obama Campaign, and navigates content relationships with distributors Netflix & Vimeo. He was selected out of 82,000 applicants to help manage Charlie Sheen’s social media presence. He is the director of Last Glimpse, a climate change travel show and the founder of Revelous Media.




Julie is helping to build key customer relationships, identify business opportunities, and collaborate on creative story lines and concepts to produce films that give a voice to social issues. Previously Julie held the title Vice President of All Things Fun, Meaningful & Rewarding at Salesforce Foundation.  She was a founding member and Head of Global Integrated Philanthropy. She helped established Salesforce.com’s award-winning global volunteer and philanthropy programs. She is a senior executive with strong global leadership experience in creating positive social change. A strategic collaborator yet persuasive diplomat. She’s a participant in the THNK School of creative leadership, and has been an advisor for the Gratitude Network and Workday to develop philanthropy.


Founder's Story


Growing up small changed my life. As a result of a defective pituitary gland I went through high school and half of college standing a little under four feet ten inches tall. I sat on pillows so I could drive my car. Needless to say athletics weren’t my strong suite; I tried out for soccer, tennis and ice hockey freshman year and didn’t make a cut. Instead I focused on community service and volunteering, and never looked back. I went to the Philippines with Operation Smile, built houses with Habitat for Humanity, taught Down Syndrome children with EPOCH  and attended retreats at inner city rehab centers with Bridges.  The end result is that I’m a compassionate listener who genuinely wants to help others. Growing up with a mother who cultivated my fine motor skills and love of making art coupled with  ten years of creative and strategic experience at a few of the top advertising agencies in the world helps me do it effectively. Armed with a full suite of professional film gear like aerial drones and electronic steadi-cams, and a great team; I’ve set off to tell social impact stories that change the world!