Creating Positive Social Transformation

Creating Positive Social Transformation

Filmmaking, storytelling, movement building and other artistic efforts rooted in creating positive change.

Be As You Are

A feature documentary film orchestrating the launch of a Universal Basic Income for a city in the US. This film explores a path forward and offers ideas like economic security, ending the cycle of poverty, creating true freedom to do what you love in life, focusing on community instead of the individual, moving away from GDP and other related antiquated measurements of success, evolving the social contract and our social values.

Society's Soul

This project focuses on unhoused nieghbors in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood to express our deep belief that the path for designing stronger communities is to: 1. Tell stories that clearly articulate community issues through the art of film, and 2. Cultivate an environment and process that engages the community and gives residents an equal seat at table.

Last Glimpse

We not only show what makes this area so unique, but also raise awareness around the plight of the Maldivian people, and start a broader conversation about how together – as a global community – we can take action on the generational issue of our time.

Youre Looking At Me

A film about Alzheimer's disease told from the perspective of someone with Alzheimer's

Wages of Work

Wages of Work

The Wages of Work’s mission is to challenge accepted legal constructs and customary norms in the workplace that restrict worker rights and perpetuate economic inequality. Specifically, this project will examine the implications of the restriction of rights – those of speech, privacy, assembly and due process – by employers.

We intend to shine light on a rarely examined lack of civil rights protections for working Americans.