UBI Design Sprint

2017-10-19 17.33.02.jpg

With support from an amazing team of creatives, passionate community members and partial funding from the Economic Security Project we are launching a UBI Design Sprint. For the next four weeks we will meet one night a week to develop a grass roots engagement tool for the Universal Basic Income movement. This tool will compliment the release of our film about Mincome so that audiences around the country can engage in conversations about evolving our unbalanced economic system. 

Deliverables will include:

  1. Guidelines for hosting discussions that will spur the Basic Income movement on a national scale but at the community level.
  2. An interactive activity that inspires activists to create tangible actions for creating change.
  3. A business card for the next generation: a way to share who you are and what you do without pigeon holing an individual into a single position or company.

We want you to participate. If you're interested please email us here.

Ken Fisher